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Precious Metal Verifier
Introductory Video

PMV Introductory Video
Get a brief overview of each device

Precious Metal Verifier
PRO Mini Connection Guide

PRO Mini Connection Guide
Learn how to connect the PRO Mini to your device 

Precious Metal Verifier

PRO Videos

PMV PRO Introduction

Get to know the PMV PRO's uses and functions

Fake Samples Demonstrated

Learn how the PMV PRO helps detect fake and inauthentic coins and bars.

Entering Values

Entering accurate weights

PMV PRO Device Basics

Learn how the basics of the PMV PRO to the get most out of your device. 


Calibrate your PMV PRO

Display Explained

Reading test results

PMV PRO Attachments

Learn how each one of the PMV PRO attachments enhances your ability to authenticate samples.

Refiners Wand

Refiners wand features & uses

External Bridge

External Bridge features & uses

Small Wand

Small wand features & uses

PMV PRO Sample Varities

Learn how your PMV PRO can help you authenticate a range of sample types.

Small Samples

How to work with small samples

Blister Packs

Working around blister packs

Questionable Samples

Working with tricky samples

Numismatic Cases

Working with encased samples

Metal Bars

Testing large bars

Precious Metal Verifier

Original Video

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