NOTE: The PMV PRO Mini currently does not ship outside of North America.


The PMV PRO Mini

Using an adjustable sensor bar, the PMV PRO Mini rapidly takes accurate surface and thru readings of samples up to 10 millimeters thick. Like our other products, the PRO Mini can read through coin flips, and plastic cases, and standard coin holders. 

The PRO Mini connects to Windows devices through a USB cable or wirelessly to Android devices, to display sample results and make specific gravity measurements. Simply connect your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer and use the onscreen interface to calibrate the PRO Mini, select your metal type, and confirm the dimensions of your sample.

Place a sample on the device, hold down the sensor bar with your finger or using the included wedge, and the PRO Mini will immediately start sending results to the connected device. 

The Power of the PRO

Get all the same features and capabilities as the PMV PRO. The PRO Mini takes surface and thru readings, as well as determining expected dimensions of your sample.

Adjustable Arm

The adjustable arm allows for a wide range of sample sizes to be easily tested. The PRO Mini can test coins and bars up to 10mm thick.

Connects to Your Device

The PRO Mini connects wirelessly to Android and iOS devices or to Windows devices by a wired connection. iOS devices must be iOS 11 or later to be compatible.


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Technical Specs


Connection Guide

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The PMV PRO Mini